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I am going to finish Post-Barricade Day!

Gavroche is gonna answer all of the remaining Post-Barricade Day Questions and prompts— if you see that I haven’t ended it yet, feel free to hit up the inbox! We’ll answer it before we make our favorite gamin alive again!


I have a special surprise in store for all of you!

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theycallmecaptainhook said: What was it like knowing you were going to die once you were shot? What was it like seeing the rest of the Amis die? What are you all doing in the afterlife now? Stay strong up there ily

1. What was is like knowing you were going to die once you were shot?


It was a mix’v feelin’s, really.

On one hand I was a bit sad.

'Cause endings have a tendancy'v bein' sad.

'n I liked livin', even in the shitty world I was livin' in.

It was sad knowin’ I wasn’t goin’ te be able te help the boys anymore.

'n I didn't know what was gonna come after I died, if there was goin' te be a heaven or a hell or nothin' at all.

But at the same time, if I’m bein’ real honest?

It was kind’v excitin’.

Death was an adventure!

I was about te explore the unknown!

An’ I was kind’v happy because instead’v dyin’ a nameless gamin in a ditch somewhere, I got te die a /revolutionary/. I got te die defyin’ the authorities, taunting them right to their faces! I got te give ‘em hell, look ‘em right in the eyes an’ sing!

An’ I knew I had a spectacular death waitin’ f’r me, an’ not a single livin’ person there was ever goin’ to forget me!

It was the grand death I always wanted f’r myself, really~

Hurt like hell, though!

2. What was it like seeing the rest of the Amis die?

Well, it sure as ‘ell wasn’t fun!

It was like….

with each person gone, it was like a little piece’v yer heart went missin’.

When Bahorel died, we were all sad’n we all missed ‘im— he was always real loud ‘n real fun te be around!— but we also kinda chuckled a bit ‘cause it was fittin’ for ‘im, y’know? He died the way he woulda wanted te die, takin’ bastards with ‘im like a ferocious beast in the heat’v battle! There was no way ‘e was meant te die old, he was just one o’ those people— he was a riot!

An’ then Jehan went, ‘n….

I was angry. We were all angry.

Hell, I almost wanted te shoot the inspector myself when they killed Prouvaire.

But at the same time….

I almost think maybe it was a good thing.

F’r him, I mean—

He had one’v the bravest goddamn deaths’v us all, an’ ‘e didn’t have te stick around te watch the rest’v us fall.

'n my sister died, 'n….

part’v me wanted te mourn, ‘n part’v me just felt numb as I watched.

I mean, we weren’t all that close’r anything, but

she was my sister.

It was hard watchin’ the rest from the other side.

Joly an’ Bossuet an’ Feuilly an’ Courfeyrac….

Combeferre’s death made me real angry— the bastards stabbed ‘im while ‘e was tryin’ te help a soldier up! I mean I know war ain’t a game an’ there are no rules te play by— an’ really, if they were able te shoot me down I shouldn’t’ve been surprised when they didn’t show Combeferre mercy, but still, if I’d’ve still been alive, I woulda taken ‘is gun an’ shown them just how hard a pup c’n bite!

….An’ then there was Grantaire’n Enjolras.

That was prob’ly the hardest te watch.

Never thought I’d ever see Enjolras fall.

'n watchin' Grantaire die— even though 'e got te stand proud next to Enjolras, even though 'e got Enjolras te smile at 'im like an equal…

I’d be lyin’ if I said I wasn’t weepin’ like a baby— an’ I hardly ever cry! F’r anything!

'v course…

Think I wept even more when I got te see ‘em again, one by one.

3. What are you all doing in the afterlife now?

Heh…whatever we want!

We sing, we play, we dance, we enjoy each other’s company, share stories….we peek in on France, on Marius and the ladies we left behind from time to time…

…we’re all happy.


Post-Barricade Day

The time is now

The day is here

The barricades have fallen. All of the young rebels participating in the June Uprising of 1832 have been slaughtered; but perhaps one gallant little voice from the barricades has not been silenced just yet. This is your chance.

Starting right now, for the rest of the week, our favorite little gamin in heaven will accept:

  • Questions about what happened on the barricades—Before his death, during, and after—he witnessed everything!
  • Questions about his own death
  • Questions about the deaths of the Amis
  • Questions about heaven/what came after death
  • Thoughts
  • Prayers

And More! Anything is game! So go on, fill up the ask box!


Did you see them going off to fight, children of the barricade that didn’t last the night.

Did you see them going off to fight, children of the barricade that didn’t last the night.

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The June Rebellion - June 5th, 1832

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ask-the-barricade-boys said: Hey Gav. We're looking for Courfeyrac and can't seem to find him. We think he's in trouble. He was somewhere near the Eiffel Tower, at least we think he was. Have you seen him around lately? -The Barricade Boys

Ah, Geez, Courf…..

I haven’t, but ‘ave no fear, Gavroche is on the case!

I’ll find ‘im an’ be back b’fore Lamarque’s funeral begins!


Anonymous said: 'Ey Gav, who would you consider yourself closer too? Courfeyrac or Grantaire?



…This is our little secret, Citizen— just you’n me

An’ Grantaire~

Don’t be rattin’ me out, now!

((None of these pictures are mine~! v u v <3))


msprongsie said: Bonjour, monsieur Gavrosche! How are you doing? I really hope you're still alright! I worried about you during the winter... Anyhow I know you hang around the older boys in the cafe alot, is it anyone you're closer to than the others?

'Course I'm alright!

Ain’t no need te worry about me— I’m as tough as any man out there! An’ Paris knows things’d be a hell’v alot more boring if I were te be slain! An’ b’lieve me, if I’m goin’ te die, I sure as hell don’t intend te die at the hands’v Winter— what a boring death that would be! I’d prefer something a little more grand!

Anyway, to answer your question, yeah! I got three!

Bahorel, Grantaire, an’ Courfeyrac~ C:

Though really I’d say I’m fond of the whole lot’v ‘em!


courtneylova13 said: Way do ya think 'bout the barricade boys?

As a group?

Or individually?

As a whole, I like ‘em a hell’v a lot! They’re a real fun lot te be around! Lots’v rioting an’ whoopin’ an’ messin’ with the rich an’ the authorities! They drink an’ they laugh an’ cheer— they’e an adventure, an’ I f’r one am enjoyin’ my prescription! Makes a man feel alive!


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